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Refilling cartridges lets us to spare significant facilities on consumables. Producers of the organizational technology write, that cartridge refilling can greatly reduce the resource of  your copy machine or printer, but this…

… is far from being so. Producers of compatible toners are famous corporations recognized all over the world, such as Fuji, Static Control, Katun, Mitsubishi. At the moment compatible toner’s quality does not transfer original toner on many parameter, but on price vastly more cheaper.  
Many clients, choosing between buying a new cartridge and refilling of perfected ones, ask if refilling the cartridge is bed for the printer. This is because many sellers of the organizational technology categorically do not recommend to refill cartridges, motivating that it harms the device.

Posteriory we can say - qualitative refilling does not influence to the resource of the device. But spare on this client gets rather essential. For all the history of our work not a single refilled device has came out of formation because of faulty refilling. It’s possible to fill the cartridges repeatedly, changing through 2-3 refilling the drum or other spare parts if necessary.

The Maximum amount of the refilling, made by us on 1 cartridge, has exceed  80 refilling (for HP LJ 1010) and even after such amount of refillings, the cartridge qualitative prints and doesn’t pour  the toner inside the device. The Advantage at a glance is 80 refillings 80*5000AMD=400000AMD, but when buying a new cartridge it’s going to be 80*30000AMD=2400000AMD. The Difference forms 2000000 AMD or approximately 34 new printers.

Other deal if the cartridge is filled unqualified, from it heavily pours the toner, drum and the other grosses are not swabbed, than this can bring to output of some details of the device from formation. But even herewith, refilling the cartridge rakish dips the repair and usage of the device.

We offer 3 systems of services

Classic system of the service. Cost for a charging – starting from 5000 AMD (for the cartridges with average capacity) Call and our experts will visit you, they will temporarily put our cartridge instead of yours while the latter is being charged. (Using this system customer is not released of need of buying spoilt/changeable details or costs for repairs).

Subscribing system of the service. Cost for a charging – starting from 7000 AMD (for the cartridges with average capacity). By your call we’ll exchange your cartridge with another high-quality, charged- tested cartridge, which will help you to get rid of additional costs (need of buying new cartridge or its spare parts). On the cartridges of Gold system a seal is put in case of removing or demiging wich the abonent is obliged to pay fine 10.000 AMD. All the troubles risen during the usage of the cartridge will be settled without any payment (if the seals are not damaged).  The service works only for the customers who want to use the system constantly (the subscribers).

System for exigent customers. Cost for a charging - by call. Delivery of high-quality regenerated cartridges for reasonable prices is realized by call (cartridges with absolutely new spare parts).

If the cartridges of your printer/copy machines are not introduced in the national market, we can import cartridges and details for your machine. We offer you to call us or mention the name of producer of your device in our web-site, the type of it and we’ll import any spare part of your device without any prepayment.

All the cartridges provided or installed by us are all-around tested-printed ones, under free warranty service, which is the guaranty of high quality.

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